Windows Phone Store app downloads increased by 100 % since release of WP8

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Microsoft has revealed that the release of Windows Phone 8 has contributed to a more 100 % increase in the number ofapplication downloads from its Windows Phone Store. The senior director of Microsoft’s Windows Phone Apps Team, Todd Brix, confirmed the news via Twitter and stated that the company had seen a “100%+ increase in WP developer app revenues &downloads since WP8 launch in November.” Brix wasn’t... 

Microsoft to unveil Windows Phone Apollo on June 20

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Microsoft is sending invitations for an upcoming Windows Phone Summit event in San Francisco. The date is June 20 and the occasion – “a sneak peak of the future of Windows Phone”. The next major release of Windows Phone (8.0, codenamed Apollo) should be the focal point of this year’s Summit. We are still very much in the dark regarding the Windows Phone Apollo features and looks as Microsoft and its partners... 

The Next Release of Windows Phone, codenamed Mango

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Comparison on the Preview Version of the Upcoming Windows Phone 7 and iOS 4

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Preview version of the latest Windows Mobile OS, the Windows phone7  is released. Installed on Samsung Taylor phone, some developers impressed but some other are not. Now based on the previewer let’s compare WP 7 with iOS4 shall we? - User Interface, WP7 uses new UI called Metro UI, some previewer from Engadget and ZdNet consider it to be nice flowing, snappy UI with the multi-touch ability provided as well. Not... 

Office Mobile 2010 Download The update for free

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Microsoft has announced the availability of Office Mobile 2010 for Windows Mobile 6.5 users. Users running earlier version of Office mobile on Windows mobile 6.5 will get a free upgrade to Office Mobile 2010. Office Mobile 2010 for Windows Mobile 6.5 includes new mobile versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and SharePoint Workspace. These new mobile versions offer a more touch-friendly layout and greater... 


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