Apple Launches E-Textbook Apps For iPad

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Apple has unveiled two new application that “reinvent textbooks” for iPad users. iBooks 2 and iBooks Author provide interactive textbooks for students (K-12 and above, equivalent to our 12th standard) as well as teachers.

The app, which is freely available on the App Store, will give users access to the iBookstore. Armed with a newTextbooks section in the store, Apple plans to collaborate with big names such as PearsonMcGraw Hill, andHoughton Mifflin Harcourt to provide ebooks at economical rates. How does this help us? Students pursing professional courses can now access the latest internationally-acclaimed textbooks without much effort. Once stored on the iPad, it’s also easier to carry these books around.

The company also rolled out iBooks Author on the App Store. Meant for teachers, it includes free tools for creating ebooks. Its layout is similar to that of Apple’s iWork software, replete with HTML5 support. Users can add text, images, and interactive modules to their ebooks, which can then be published directly to the iBookstore. Given a choice, will you still prefer using the iPad over good old paper textbooks?

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