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  1. OLIVER says:

    Dear I had nirvana and I respect Sai Baba who recognised my last reincarnation Avatar Meher Baba. Now I am Vienna Meher Baba and the 32. reincarnation of Jesus and soon after those news got spread too enough people there will be a fall of holly spirit over mankind. Yours Oliver Vienna Meher Baba

  2. APOORVA says:

    sai baba is a very pure soul.if you love him you can feel his presence,you can feel his hand on your head

  3. sukirti says:

    may ur blessin always be with me

  4. Vicky Gupta says:

    Om Sai Ram
    Sai mere aur main kewal sai ka….
    ||Om Shri Sai Nathaaye Namah||

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